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Úvod > Administratíva > Volunteer Coordinator (Bali, Indonesia)
Pracovná pozícia:Volunteer Coordinator (Bali, Indonesia)
Spoločnosť:International Humanity Foundation
Lokalita:Zahraničie ostatné
Druh práce:Volunteering - NGO
Min.prax:0 r.
Dátum pridania:12 05 2017
Popis:IHF is looking for forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as a Volunteer Coordinator in Bali, Indonesia. Our foundation has five centers across Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand and is run entirely by volunteers just like you, who have made commitments ranging from two weeks to multiple years.
Who are we?
IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the marginalized communities it works in. We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization with no central office.
In Indonesia, we have three educational centers in Bali, Jakarta and Medan. All Indonesia centers host free English, math and computer classes to provide low-income students with the opportunity to compete with wealthier students for scholarships and jobs. The centers also host special workshops every week to expose students to a wide variety of subjects and to instil a general love of learning in them.
Why join us?
● Because we have our centres in Thailand, Indonesia and Kenya and our volunteers come from all parts of the world, you will have the occasion to work in an international and online environment.
● You are asked to complete at least 4 hours a day of local work and 4 hours a day of international work, 6 days a week.
● For the international tasks, you will be assigned to teams made up of volunteers from other centers and you will work on administrative tasks for not just the center you are staying in, but for the whole organization. Your tasks may include producing media content, assisting with fundraising efforts and generating online outreach efforts to promote our organization’s goals and projects.
● For local tasks, you will be mostly focused on teaching classes and coordinating other international volunteers that might be at the center:
o You will train volunteers on how to assist the main English teachers in the classrooms. As a longer-term volunteer, you will be required to teach at least one English class of
your own, and this will help you know how to train the volunteers, as well as enable you to achieve deeper connections with the children of the communities.
o You will help volunteers adjust to the differences in culture, values and religion within the local communities the IHF Bali Center works with.
o You will act as their mentor in helping them adjust to the new environment.
o You will monitor and motivate volunteers to ensure their work is at the highest possible quality.
You will also provide the co-Directors with needs-based assistance in the daily maintenance of the centers, becoming a part of the IHF family and integral to the work we do.
● You thrive in organizations that constantly adapt and evolve.
● All classes are taught by international and local volunteers. Like all IHF initiatives, learning is the driving force behind our volunteering programs. While you help provide education services to the Center’s students, you will be immersed in the local realities of the communities the Center works with.
● You will be supervised and guided by long-term volunteer co-Directors at your center, who will listen to your ideas and work with you on a daily basis.
● All volunteers have a swing at delivering their parts and jump at the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues on projects.
● Before arrival at the center, you will already become a part of our international team by completing pre-trip tasks with our international teams to gain an understanding of the kind of work you will be doing.
This work can be challenging, but you will hone your time management skills and learn intimately how an NGO functions at the ground level. This experience will give you an important advantage in your next career possibilities. This is an opportunity to shape the company’s future as well as your own. You will leave IHF with new highly transferable skills, a better understanding of international NGOs, and an unforgettable experience that will last the rest of your life.
What you’ll need for this position?
● Fluency in both written and spoken English is essential.
● We value volunteers who are creative and innovative, willing to take responsibility and easily adapt to new conditions and unexpected situations.
● Our candidates are willing to make a commitment of minimum 2 months and candidates who are able to commit 6 months are preferred. The maximum duration of this position is 8 months. After 2 months, a volunteer coordinator who is interested in extending his or her volunteering may be given the opportunity to renew his or her volunteer time for another 6 months upon a successful performance evaluation.
● Minimum age requirement is 21 years old.
● Graduate diploma
● Previous experience managing an international team, or working/volunteering with NGOs.
Each IHF center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. That’s why you will need to swing in evolving and adapting and be the proud owner of a high intercultural sensitivity by showing your tolerance and respect to different views and ways of life.
A lot of NGO’s offer volunteering, but the cost for staying at their facilities is huge. What about the costs for being a volunteer at IHF?
We provide basic accommodation and food at our centers, where you will live with your co-workers. Even if our foundation is run entirely by volunteers just like you, we still manage to provide you these amenities for only
● $75 per week, during the first 4 weeks (first month);
● $55 per week, from the 5th week until the 8th week (second month);
● For those accepted to renew their stay after their first 2 months, free from then on.
You will be responsible for your travel and insurance expenses or any other related costs and you can count on our teams to help you out with your travel and visa planning. We will also do our best to comply with guidelines to secure any grant or scholarship funding available at your university.
Interested? What are you waiting for then?
Let’s get to know each other!
Get to know us through different canals:
● You can read the IHF Annual report 2015 that contains the latest information about IHF Centers, Programs, Achievements, Finances and many more at http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/1317609/5a9ccb829e/547236145/08e4c4e6f7/
● Or why not check out our blog, where you can find stories of current and former volunteers http://ihfblog.wordpress.com/home/
● You can also read about us at http://rt.wildasia.org/2013/10/25/2013-inspiring-stories-destinations/ were you will see that we won the “Inspiring Story -- Responsible Tourism Award” in 2013! And our great ratings at http://greatnonprofits.org/org/international-humanity-foundation-1
Now you are more familiar with us, give us the chance to get to know you by applying through our website at the following link: http://www.ihfonline.org/volunteer-application
Adresa:US IHF Head Office 4311 Pavlov Ave. San Diego, CA, 92122
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